Scrumptious, creamy, tacky rice casserole made with plenty of mushrooms and hen. This casserole will make a really perfect circle of relatives dinner that everyone will love.

I’m now not just speaking about children, we all understand that children tends to be great choosy when it comes to meals, i’m speakme approximately our older family members. For me, my husband has been a culinary mission for the beyond 15 years. He’s come a long, long manner from the notable choosy guy i’ve met, however he's nevertheless not even near be an adventurous foodie.

It’s very unlikely that he'll ever be an adventurous foodie like i'm, however i am nevertheless very proud of ways a long way alongside he’s come. After I first met my husband, he ate so few things and that i should count them on my two fingers. I surprisingly recall him refusing to consume easy ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, together with most other vegetables.

The first time i made my hen stroganoff for him, his first instincts was to choose out the mushrooms and not touch them. However, due to the fact we simply commenced dating, he didn’t want to harm my feelings so he attempted them. That changed into the first dish that started out beginning his eyes to extra meals and components he thought he hated. He polished off every unmarried bite and clearly began trusting me with food.

Through the years, i’ve “cured” maximum of his food fears, except for seafood. I just can’t get him to even flavor whatever this is seafood associated or has been around seafood.

Years in the past, my husband might not contact this mushroom chicken and rice casserole because it’s loaded with mushrooms. However now, he gobbled each unmarried little bit of it and even all the mushrooms i had extra on pinnacle. If truth, all people loved this simple, creamy rice casserole. This simple, comforting dish will surely satisfy even choosy eaters. (it could even exchange the thoughts of a few choosy humans as nicely.)

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