#Coconut #Chicken #Strips #with #Pina #Colada #Sauce

Coconut Chicken Strips with Pina Colada Sauce
#Coconut #Chicken #Strips #with #Pina #Colada #Sauce

#Coconut #Chicken #Strips #with #Pina #Colada #Sauce

These coconut chicken strips may be on your everyday meal rotation after one bite. These are great and clean to make.

Our family loves chook strips. We've delivered bird strips to a whole new level with these coconut fowl strips. After they may be performed baking, you dip them into the terrific pina colada dipping sauce and it’s genuinely heavenly.

We love the crispy coating whilst those hen strips are cooked, while the inside stays wet and tender. The coconut provides simply the proper amount of sweetness.

Coconut fowl strips are a more healthy option due to the fact they're baked to crispy perfection in location of frying. It’s lots much less messier than frying, and less complicated cleanup. And no greasy smell in your own home which could linger for days.

What different cuts of bird will work on this recipe?

We like to use boneless skinless fowl breasts when we make these coconut hen strips. We use the chicken breast halves and cut them into strips.

You can without problems use chicken tenders. You can purchase them in large luggage inside the frozen chook phase to your grocery keep.

Boneless skinless bird thighs will paintings for this recipe too. Cut the chicken thighs into strips.

Can this recipe be made into hen nuggets?
This recipe can without difficulty be made into chook nuggets. Reduce the bird into big bite sized pieces.

Prepare the nuggets as you would the chicken strips. The chook nuggets will cook quicker than the strips. So watch them closely whilst cooking to modify the period of cooking time.

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